Purchasing Fine Art Prints


About the Prints

What is a "LIMITED EDITION" fine art print? MP0084 - Glacier Park GrizzlyMP0084 - Glacier Park Grizzly

A limited edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist and produced in a set number.  Once the set number of prints have been made (in any size) no other prints of that image will be released.  This will make your investment much more valuable than other prints made in larger or unlimited quantities.  Each print is hand signed, given a unique serial number and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What is a "OPEN EDITION" fine art print?

An open edition print is hand signed but not numbered by the artist.  Open edition prints are not limited to a set number and can be produced in unlimited numbers.  This makes these prints less exclusive and therefore more affordable, however they will also not gain as much value over time as a limited edition print.  Open edition prints are good for those who are not concerned with exclusivity or new collectors looking to enter the fine art photography market. 

Fine Art Print Quality

These photographs have all been captured by Matthew Parks on location around the world using high quality digital photography equipment.  The images are printed on high quality museum grade archival paper and mounted using museum quality materials and acid free matboard. All framed prints include museum quality non-glare acrylic instead of standard glass, which will protect your print against UV damage, dust, humidity and condensation.

Fine Art Print Warranties

These three unique warranties are offered to protect your art investment:

1. A one month, 100% money back guarantee.
We want you to be thrilled with your new fine art photography print.  With that in mind we cover all our artwork with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a credit, refund or exchange it for another piece within one month of your original purchase.  *Some limitations do apply

2. A Lifetime Fade Free Warranty.
We only use archival quality fade free papers and inks and offer a lifetime Fade Free Warranty.  If your artwork does fade we will replace it at no charge as long as you own the piece.

3. A Lifetime Framing Warranty.
We only use the finest archival materials and guarantee that our framing will not damage your artwork in anyway.  However, if you purchased your artwork framed from us, and it has been damaged as a result of our framing process, we will reframe or replace it at no charge.  *This warranty does not apply to pieces not framed by us.

Fine Art Print Quality Guarantee

These four quality guaranties apply to each all of Matthew Parks Photography's fine art prints:

1. Certificate of Authenticity.
Each of our Limited Edition Prints includes a Certificate of Authenticity with guarantees that you own an original Matthew Parks Photography fine art print.

2. Each photography is hand signed and numbered.
All of our limited edition prints are hand signed and numbered by Matthew Parks.  Matthew signs his prints using an archival pen which does not fade or damage the print.

3. Highest quality archival materials.
We only use the latest archival materials and techniques to produce our fine art photographic prints.  This guarantees that you will always receive the latest and highest print quality.

4.  Our prices increase annually.
By raising our prices annually we guarantee that your investment will increase in value over time.  We reserved the right to change our prices and policies at any time without notice.

How to Order a print

1. Visit the Image Portfolio page and select the photo or photos that you wish to purchase.  Each image has a specific number and title.

2. Select the size print you wish to order from the list on the right hand side of the screen and add the item to your cart.  You may then proceed to checkout and place the order.  

3. Once the order has been placed your payment will be processed through Paypal.  You will then be contacted via email or phone to determine your preferred mat color and/or frame style.

4. The order will be shipped once the images have been printed and mounted. 

Bulk Orders

Any institution, organization or collector that wishes to purchase more than 10 prints at one time will be eligible to receive a bulk order discount.  This option is great for a business looking to decorate a new office building or an interior designer who needs several art pieces for a client.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Shipping costs vary by location.  Images are shipped within 2-4 weeks of the date your payment is received.  At the time of shipment you will receive a tracking number.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  If you are not happy with your fine art print for any reason you may return it for a full refund, credit toward another purchase or exchange it within one month of receiving your order.  Just contact us for details regarding your return.

Standard Size and Pricing Options

PRINT STYLE            PRINT SIZES                   MATTED PRINT*           FRAMED PRINT*

Companion Print          12X18, 9x18, 6x18            $99.00*                          $299.00*

Signature Print            16x24, 12x24, 8x24           $299.00*                        $799.00*

Gallery Print               20x30, 15x30, 10x30         $499.00*                        $999.00*

Master Print                24x36, 18x36, 12x36         $699.00*                        $1,299.00 

*Prices shown are base prices. Price may vary depending on the style of mat and frame ordered. Shipping and service charges will apply.